Artists Present – Malka Inbal”, Edited by Hila Shkolnik-Brenner, Achbar HaIr Tel Aviv, weekly entertainment and culture magazine, 20 August 2009.


Malka Inbal: “I don’t want to go through life as a tourist…a tourist sees the views, the museums, the coffee shops and restaurants and even becomes friendly with the locals, but does not experience the real life in the country he is traveling in.”


I find the human soul to be the most fascinating thing in existence, a kind of endless riddle that will never be solved. Infinite things change from person to person. From a young age I’ve been observing people and relationships between people, with the help of body language, attempting to understand emotions and thoughts, listening with love to heart-to-heart conversations, and attempting to make sense of that which is impossible to comprehend.”


In most of my series I dealt with the human soul. Through my many observations, I’ve staged my works as a type of mirror into human nature, in accordance with my feelings and interpretations. On multiple occasions, visitors in my exhibition became emotional from the identification that they experienced through viewing various works.”


In this series I chose to re-investigate the issue of femininity, a fascinating subject in and of itself, and even more so now when I am in my 50s. At this age, the great fear of loss of femininity has faded away, replaced by inner calm. I choose to enjoy the infinite process of learning and different developments in my life.

Despite natural changes that took place among women, I find myself in the most beautiful era of my life. From this perspective, I chose to re-observe femininity and therefore I selected – not incidentally – the white linens.”


Malka Inbal presented her photography exhibition “Between White and Grays” at the Yosef Zeritzky Artists House.