Dr. Johai Rosen, Art Historian, Haifa University "On the Verge of the Abstract in Israeli Photography", academic lecture and catalogue 2008.


.In the series “Fabric Delusions”, Malka Inbal creates photographs that are almost impossible to interpret. Her photographs are actually abstract works which she produces in the studio by means of a special technique: a combination of selective lighting falling on colored fabrics and sacks and reflected off shiny surfaces. For Malka Inbal it is not enough that the objects or reality in which they function cannot be identified, but in many cases she enhances the abstract by leaving the subject outside the frame.

Since the photographs are amorphous, they not only challenge the viewer to attempt to identify the objects used by the photographer, but also to interpret their significance. The elusive identity, like the Rorschach test, invites the viewer to engage in interpretations. Her photographs have a graphic quality, creating sensation akin to watching traces of brushstrokes left in the paint. In this, the photographs resemble abstract expressionist paintings.

Only the title of the work and the name of the series direct the viewer to the significance which the artist has given them, and the way in which the images were realized…..